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A diagnostic tool to troubleshoot issues and improve experience on JioFiber devices and services.

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Debaseesh Sabat

Debaseesh Sabat

The Problem

Customer support was flooded with customer complaints about the technical issues on routers, Set Top Boxes and their services. The issues were diverse and the volume caused a backlog of complaints.

The Goal

Help customers understand what went wrong in their scenario and provide troubleshooting steps before reaching out to customer support.

Debaseesh Sabat

Usability Tester

Product Analyst

My Role:

Information Architect

Primary User Research.

Define logic for device performance parameters.

UX Writing.

A/B testing.


This was a project under taken by multiple teams across the organization spanning multiple cities across India.

Project Overview

Debaseesh Sabat

We analysed hours of call logs where the customer explained their issues and the steps they had undertaken to resolve the issue before reaching out to customer care.

We noted the troubleshooting steps the customer support agent provided to the customer.

We also noted observations like time of issue and whether the customer was still facing the issue after the call.

Understanding the Problem

Debaseesh Sabat

Categorising the issues

Router Issues

WiFi clients unable to connect to the router.

User unable to browse internet.

Voice Calling Issues

Landline service not working.

WiFi calling not working.

Set Top Box Issues

Poor resolution.

Frequent disconnections.

STB non-responsive to user input.

Debaseesh Sabat

Root Cause Analysis: Router

I delved into the device logs and correlated the device behaviour along with the network side fluctuations. I also looked into the CRM tool to understand how the device was configured in the system. Observations from these are summed as follows:

Planned outages due to maintenance.

Resources exceeded on the router(CPU, Memory.)

Device uptime too high.

Device on older firmware version.

Indoor network congestion.

High number of connected clients.

Data plan expired.

Debaseesh Sabat

Root Cause Analysis: STB

STB not connected to the router.

Resources exceeded on the STB(CPU, Memory.)

HDMI cable not connected to the TV.

Temperature too high.

STB connected to lower frequency.

STB set to improper resolution.

Remote pairing issue.

Router issues.

Data plan expired.

Debaseesh Sabat

Root Cause Analysis: Voice Services

Voice registration failed in backend.

Router issues.

Planned outage due to maintenance.

Data plan expired.

Debaseesh Sabat

Introducing ‘Run Diagnostics’ in MyJio App

I identified the issues and pattern from the device logs and developed logic to target these issues.

These logic were then hosted on a central database and by leveraging the companion app for the JioFiber suite of devices, we introduced the ‘Run Diagnostics’ feature where the customer can diagnose and troubleshoot issues with a couple of taps.

Debaseesh Sabat

Run Diagnostics: Router

For improved IA, we decided to segregate Internet connectivity issue from WiFi coverage with caption to guide user to run diagnostic for the exact issue they might be facing.

Debaseesh Sabat

Run Diagnostics: Router

We included checks which would let the customer view the status pertaining to WiFi coverage and performance. All optimizations are run in the background and upon successful optimization, the status is reflected on the app.

WiFi Coverage and health

Debaseesh Sabat

Run Diagnostics: Router

We included all checks which would let the customer view the status pertaining to internet connectivity and device resources. If the parameters are found to be sub-optimal, then the customer is notified about it.

Internet connectivity

Debaseesh Sabat

Run Diagnostics: Voice

If the customer was unable to use voice calling services, then the tool checks for the registration status as well as connected client performance. In case the registration had failed, the diagnostic tool would re-try voice registration and show the latest result.

Debaseesh Sabat

Run Diagnostics: STB

For improved IA, we decided to split STB issue into two categories:

Device health, if the customer faces sluggish performance or low resolution videos.

Remote connectivity, if the STB is non responsive to the user input.

Debaseesh Sabat

Run Diagnostics: STB

We included checks which would let the customer view the status of parameters which would impact the media watching experience. This would also check the status of the router and its health to ensure that all devices in the topology are operating optimally.

STB device health

Debaseesh Sabat

Run Diagnostics: STB

We included checks which include bluetooth pair status of the remote and its battery level. If the remote is not paired, then a pairing process is triggered in the background after which the status is updated in the UI.

STB Remote Connectivity

Debaseesh Sabat

Troubleshooting (using example)

When an issue is detected, the checklist reflects the status, giving the user easy to follow troubleshooting steps.

Here the STB was not powered on. The diagnostic tool successfully detected the issue and provided steps the user can follow to bring the STB back online.

Debaseesh Sabat

Usability Testing Result

MyJio is a super app with a lot of functionalities. Testing with the users revealed that the customers searched for this feature under the ‘My device’ section of the app in addition to the ‘Support’ section. Hence it was decided to add the ‘Run Diagnostics’ functionality in the ‘My device’ section as well.

Debaseesh Sabat


Users used the features to self diagnose and troubleshoot issues.

Customer complaint volume reduced by 30% leading to significant reduction in backlog of complaints.

The entire user journey of diagnosing and troubleshooting decreased from 10-20 minutes to 60-90 seconds.

The run diagnostics feature took up a secondary role as a feedback mechanism, providing rich feedback about the device performance.

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